Relaxed Hair Care: Pre-Poo Treatment News

I know the term pre-poo sounds a little weird, but it can be a useful part of our relaxed hair care routine. Just like co-wash is short for conditioning-wash, pre-poo is short for pre-shampoo.

Each time we wash our hair puts puts stress on it which can cause breakage and damage to the hair. A pre-poo treatment is a way to condition and protect your hair cuticles prior to shampooing, and should be done every time you wash your hair.

There are several ways to perform this treatment and it can easily be done at home. You can either use oils or conditioner, and you can choose whether or not to apply heat during the treatment. As you experiment with different products you will discover what works best for your hair.

Relaxed Hair Care Pre-Poo Treatment Step by Step

First be aware that this treatment is performed on dry hair. Just like a sponge will absorb more water, dry hair looks to absorb more of the product. Divide your hair into four section using clips to hold them in place and out of the way while you work with one section at a time.

Next choose either oil or conditioner. If you choose conditioner, you might want to use one that has a thick consistency which will stay on your hair better. If you prefer oil, I would suggest any of the following:

  • Almond Oil
  • Basil Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Vitamin E

You can just use one type of oil, in which case I would suggest almond, jojoba or olive oil, or feel free to experiment by combining several oils to achieve the desired results.

Now apply the oil (or conditioner) one section at a time to your dry hair and / or scalp. Some people like to apply this treatment only to their scalp and new growth when they are stretching their relaxer. If you apply it to the entire length of your hair, just make sure that each strand is covered. Each of us should choose what's best for us as we learn how to properly care for our hair .

Once the oil (or conditioner) has been applied to all sections, cover your hair with a plastic cap. For extra conditioning you can either cover the plastic cap with a hot, damp towel, or sit under a hair drier. If you use heat, 30 to 60 minutes should be sufficient depending on the thickness of your hair and the desired conditioning.

Some people who choose not to use heat will apply the oil treatment at night and sleep in the plastic cap. This is not recommended if you choose to use conditioner for the pre-poo relaxed hair care treatment. Doing so will leave your hair with a mushy feel to it. You also risk the conditioner drying out and sticking to your hair making it harder to rinse out.

The final step is to rinse your hair and proceed with your normal washing routine of shampoo and conditioner (or deep conditioning condition) as you normally would.

As mentioned earlier, experiment to see what works best for your hair. After trying a pre-poo treatment I believe you will want to make it a regular part of your relaxed hair care routine.

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