Natural Hair Color News

'Dye' your hair naturally, with no chemicals, no lead, no artificial dyes. Commercially available Hair Coloring uses chemicals that remove, replace, or enhance the natural pigments in the hair shaft. There are many adverse effects that can result from their use.

– skin irritation, itching, burning, irritation, redness, discomfort
– allergies to the chemicals like PPD (p-Phenylenediamine)
– hair breakage or weakening, over-processing
– skin discoloration or drying
– unpredictable coloring (mostly with at home dyes)

As well as the undesirable effects listed above, there are more serious health concerns that are potential problems from chemical hair colorants. While there is some debate as to the reality of the problems from hair coloring, the risk simply does not need to be taken.

There are publications regarding the dangers of hair dyes including:

– An FDA study that found lead acetate in many dyes to be toxic.
– Articles that refer to the development of some forms of cancer including leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, bladder cancer, blood cancer, and multiple myeloma as a result of hair dye usage.
– Prolonged use of permanent dark hair dyes can potentially double a person's risk of getting various types of blood cancer.
– Some experts suspect that hair bleach can kill brain cells.
– A known human carcinogen, 4-ABP, was found in some home hair dyes.

Natural hair colorants such as the plant powders Henna, Indigo, Cassia, and Amla (click on each to read more about it) can safely be used to enhance or change your hair color. They are plant powders that are mixed with lemon juice, water, and / or yogurt, in your own home, to make a paste that is applied to your hair and scalp.

Because they are natural, and do not strip the natural pigment from your hair, the color you get from these powders will depend on the color of the hair you are coloring. For instance, henna alone used on white hair will produce red, while straight henna on brown hair will result in auburn hair.

These powders are safe to use on chemically treated or dyed hair, also. They are safe to use as often as you wish. If you color your hair with these powders and get a color that is not dark enough, you can easily deepen it with another application.

It takes a few days to realize the final color of your treatment, since the color will continue to settle into the hair shaft for a couple of days, due to the oxidation process. This natural process occurs as the plant colorants are exposed to the air similar, to how a cut apple turns brown with time.

You're likely to find that most hairdressers are "anti-henna" since they have only been exposed to "compound" hennas mixed with dyes, lead acetate or other metal fixants in them. Our powders are pure leaf powders with no fixants or anything else in it. You can be assured it is the best quality and will not give poor results.

As with any product, test for allergic reactions. You should also try the paste on a small sample of hair (take hair out of your hairbrush for this) to see what the resultant color will be on your hair.


If you are using Amla, or Indigo you do not need to premix the powder with lemon juice. ONLY HENNA or CASSIA NEED TO BE MIXED WITH LEMON JUICE AND SIT OVERNIGHT. Indigo and Amla can be mixed and combined with the henna when you are ready to apply it.

Whatever combination of powders you use, follow these guidelines in mixing:

100g combined powders for short hair

200g for collar length straight hair

300g for shoulder length straight hair

500g for waist length straight hair

Please note that these are starting guidelines and your hair may need more or less.

Mix henna or cassia with enough lemon juice to make a paste with the consistency of mashed potatoes. If your skin is sensitive to lemon and is itchy after using henna, use orange juice, grapefruit juice, or a liquid that is less acidic than lemon juice.

Cover the container of paste with plastic wrap and let it rest overnight at room temperature or in a warm area. As the henna or cassia rests, the acid in the lemon juice will release the color from the plant powder. This slow, acidic release will get you the best results. If you're in a hurry, put it in a warm place, but NOT a hot place! Your henna will be ready in two hours at 95F.

Once the paste is done sitting, stir in a little more lemon juice or a fragrant tea to make the paste about as thick as yogurt. Add a little at a time to get the right consistency.

For Indigo or Amla, simply mix with enough water to make a paste the consistency of yogurt. This does not need lemon juice. Simply use warm water, adding a bit at a time so it does not become too thin. Once your Indigo or Amla is mixed, you can stir all your pastes together that you plan on mixing. Make sure you stir it completely so you do not get streaked hair.

You can also apply one paste first, let it sit, rinse it out, then apply another paste to your hair at a later time. If you apply the pastes at separate times, you will get deeper or darker color.

For instance, to get a very deep black hair color, you should first color your hair with henna, then color it with indigo after the henna'd hair has dried. If you do not want as deep of a black, you can simply mix the henna and indigo together and apply as a single paste.

This process can get messy, so wear gloves to avoid tattoing yourself with the paste. You can prepare smaller amounts to cover roots between full colorings. There is medical test evidence that henna is relaxing, and can soothe headaches. The paste can feel heavy on your head if you have a lot of hair.

To apply the paste to your hair, wash and dry your hair, then comb it through. You may want to section your hair for easier application. Start at the back and work the paste all the way to the scalp. Apply the paste thickly like frosting. More henna makes a richer stain and better coverage. Bring down the next section and cover that part.

Continue until all of your hair is covered, then pile all of your hair onto the top of your head and wrap with plastic wrap. Cover with an old towel if you wish, but the towel may get dyed if the paste gets onto it. Clean off any exposed skin to avoid dyeing it.

Allow the paste to sit on your hair for 2-4 hours before checking the color. If your hair is very resistant to dye, you can keep it on longer. Find a comfortable spot and rest if you wish. If you plan on moving around, make sure you wrap the hair securely, or it will start to drip or see out of the plastic.

Finally, wash the henna mix out of your hair. Simply rinse with warm water. You can either jump in the shower or hang your head over the tub and rinse most of it out. Finish removing the paste by shampooing the last of it out. Dry and style as usual.

Your hair will probably have a distinct odor to it for a couple of days. If you dislike the smell of the paste / powder, simmer a teaspoon of lavender bud or rosemary powder in water, strain out the plant residue, and rinse your hair with lavender or rosemary tea to combat the herb-y smell. Or, you could add cinnamon to the paste before applying it.

At first, hair dyed with henna may seem copery bright. Do not panic. This will darken during the next several days if you used an acidic mix. Body art quality henna dyes hands and feet easily, but not your ears or the nape of your neck. If you wiped off the henna, you will not see anything at all. If you did not clean it up, the stain will fade in three days or so.

Your hair will take 3 days to set into the true color. This is the oxidation process like when an apple browns when exposed to air. Be patient and do not panic. The coloring might be best done on a Friday night when you do not have plans for the weekend so you can let it settle before going back to work on Monday. Thicker, longer applications mean richer color. Apply henna like cake frosting. Get it down to the scalp.

This works on bareds and mustaches, too.

Henna powder is ground from discharged leaves of the "lawsonia inermis" plant. When mixed with a mildly acidic liquid, henna will stain skin, hair, and fingernails reddish-orange. It strengthens hairs, adds shine, and is anti-fungal, helping eliminate problems like dandruff, lice and ring-worm. It strengthens the hair shaft as it colors, leaving your hair shiny, healthy, and beautif

Henna has long been used as a natural temporary tattoo. Skin is painted with henna, and left to sit for a length of time. Then, the skin carries the color in the form of a tattoo, but fades with the sloughing of skin. It is often used overseas in wedding rituals, and much more.

Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. It is also a powder ground from a variety of plants, including many of the Indigofera species. It is used as a food coloring, known as FD & C Blue No. 2 in the US. The sodium salt of indigo is used as a dye in renal function testing and as a reagent in the testing of milk. When used with henna or amla it can produce a wide range of colors, resulting in the dark hues in brunette colors. It is a basic, or alkaline, paste, unlike henna, so it does not need lemon juice to activate it. It creates strength and shine along the hair shaft.

Amla comes the fruit of a deciduous tree, which is called as Emblica Officinalis. All parts of the plant are used for various ayurvedic herbal preparations, including the fruit, seed, leaves, root, bark and flowers. It is commonly used in inks, shampoos, hair oils, and for fixing dyes in fabrics. It is also taken internally for a variety of reasons.

Used with henna and indigo, it creates a softer brown. It is probably nature's best hair conditioner. Use the paste weekly to protect, strengthen, and create shine on your hair. It can also be made into an oil and applied to the hair daily. It has a smell like raw cranberries and tree bark. Amla enhancements waves and curls, but can also be used on skin as a mask to tighten and firm skin.

TO USE: after the henna sits overnight, mix in the amla (1/3 to 1/2 the amount of henna that you used to start) into it, then add water to make the mixture yogurt consistency. Complete the process as listed above.

Cassia is an excellent conditioner for any hair, regardless of color. Cassia is a green leaf powder that smells strongly like mown grass when mixed with water. It is alkaline like Indigo, and does not require lemon juice to activate the color molecule.

It makes hair glossy and thick, shiny, silky and strong – even damaged or bleached hair. Cassia has a golden yellow dye molecule. It will not alter the color of dark or red hair, but will make gray or blond hair turn golden. You can mix it with any other powder combination, or alone, with equally fantastic effects. The condition effects last for about a month. Mix cassia and henna to make shades of blond, strawberry blond and coppery red.

These plant powders work great and give you beautiful hair without worrying about chemicals and the after effects. Try it yourself, and you will be glad you did.

Hair Loss Treatment – How to Increase Hair on Your Scalp News

For millions of people, the prospect of finding an effective hair loss treatment means a better body image and a revived social life. The loss of hair through the natural process of balding or as a result of medical procedures such as chemotherapy can have devastating effects. Research has shown that many people suffer psychological trauma when they lose hair which may result in withdrawal, and inability to express themselves. Some also fail to regain their previous self image even when the hair grows back.

Hair loss can start early for some and both men and women can experience this problem. Besides the loss of hair on the head, one may also lose eye lashes which may have been a feature that makes them very attractive. Hair loss may also occur on the rest of the body either partially or fully.

People have devised different ways of dealing with hair loss. Some simply cover it with a cap or tie a piece of cloth constantly on their head. Some will opt for a wig while others may simply embrace it and go for what in my area is called the Jordan way – shaving the head clean. All these options may work for you except that they have their own challenges. These may vary from the need to visit a barber regularly and in a timely manner regardless of where you are to the discomfort of having something constantly on your head.

Wearing a cap can also increase hair loss, though we will not go into detail on that here, and wigs that are designed to fit your head and appear as natural as possible may be rather expensive. Of course there is also the aspect of needing to remove the covering either in places of worship, or indoors depending on cultural considerations.

Is it possible to simply get an effective hair loss treatment that does not involve all these cumbersome techniques? If you could just embrace your condition, that would be the easiest route. But that is not viable for many. And so, there are several treatment options that you may consider. With the discovery of the role played by a hormone called dihydrotestosterone or DHT in causing baldness, it became possible to target it in the search for effective treatment.

Most drugs based on this understanding either inhibit formation of DHT or prevent it from binding with hair follicles. These drugs have achieved some remarkable success in re-growing hair for some patients and two of them, Finasteride and Minoxidil are approved in the US. Treatment may also involve dietary changes, reducing stress levels or cosmetic transplant surgery.

Whatever option for hair loss treatment you want to explore, it is important to get the right advice from a doctor so that you do not lose money on unproven treatments.

Is It Possible To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow New Hair? News

Are you currently losing your nice hair? Can it be thinning and not to mention your friends and family are generally starting to observe this? Don’t you come to feel self conscience concerning your hair thinning? Just how and also why’s my own hair falling out in clumps, not to mention just how can I avoid baldness and also regrow fresh new hair?

Why Does Hair Fall Out In Clumps And Thin

It really is totally common to lose hair, every person really does as well as the typical sum will be roughly 50-100 hairs each day. Baldness can take place as a result of age, general health and genetic makeup will change according to each persons situation.

Hair is continuously being swapped out each day. Your body is usually self sufficient when your body is working appropriately, the particular hair roots can grow again and also replace the particular shedding of hair. Differences like age or perhaps genetic makeup the hair is less substantial or perhaps nonexistent.

The Way To Prevent Baldness And Regrow Locks – Is This approach Achievable To Accomplish

The newest figures present that by the age of thirty five to forty five yrs. old guys will begin to show a obvious transformation with their hair line in addition to 60-65 per cent could have ample baldness from the age 62 on. For females the thinning of hair begins at the age range of 45 to 50 and several females may well go through this perhaps early on.

The particular mental influence for females is generally higher than that for guys. Contemporary society nowadays will accept balding guys except for females it really is destructive with their self-assurance and their self-esteem.

For any individuals who are going through thinning or perhaps hair loss you can find diverse techniques which you can use to be able to decrease the system. Hair thickening shampoos can help in thickening the particular wild hair through the use of wheat healthy proteins as well as other components that may boost the whole length of this hair and present the appearance of fuller mane.

Most of these goods are usually non permanent alternatives, since hair thins as well as falls out the products is not going to develop the specified final results required to supply the physical appearance of a total head of hair. An even more long lasting way of hair substitution will be new hair growth products and solutions, this sort of option will be medically proven to re-grow hair for any people that are usually thinning or perhaps losing hair.

Fast New Hair Growth Therapy – Get Bigger Hair Again And Also Gain Back Your Own Self Confidence

Hair growth formula is definitely medically proven to regrow hair with men and women. The particular components are generally all-natural and they are accredited with the Food Administration. The key substances are usually Minoxidl and Azelaic which can be joined with healthy, time-tested vitamin supplements, enzymes and also herbal remedies.

The new hair growth method will come in not one but two part process allowing for highest gains that may prevent hair thinning and loss. The topical cream alternative that is applied 2 times per day and one pill 2 times per day to be able to spark the follicles from the inside out. Much like almost any treatment it is wise to check with doctor before using it.

You can find countless people that have problems with baldness nowadays. Hair growth formula permits all those men and women to regrow their particular hair, effortlessly and also inconspicuously inside the comfort of their private residences, allowing them to gain back their particular self-confidence.

What's Up With Nara Hair Oil? News

Everyone wants to have great hair: hair that flows, goes where you want it, and simply looks good and beautiful. But how can you have great hair when your weather is too humid for words, and where your curls are all over the place that you actually dread going out of your house? How can you have great hair when all you have is straight hair that looks identical to almost everyone else's coif? What can you do when your hair, environment, and world do not seem to cooperate?

A lot of manufacturers are now offering different products that should help you get great hair, and one o them is Nara Hair Oil. Often marketed as an Indian Beauty Secret, Nara Hair Oil is a growing formula that promises fast hair growth at the rate of nearly three inches each month. The hair oil is often marketed as having the property of giving you bad hair-less days and stimulating your hair so that it grows silky, thick, and strong. It also promises that your hair will no longer be brittle and limp, and your hair can even get it following daily applications lasting no more than two minutes!

The difficult part about judging the veracity of these claims is that Nara Hair Oil can work with some kinds and will have no effect on others. The product promises that it can work whether your hair is dry or oily, normal or out of place, wavy or kinky, straight or thick, permed or normal, chemically treated or fine, curly or whatever your creator brave you – the problem is that you are not only getting normal hair every day, or just in an oily state all twenty four hours. You may actually have combination hair, and this means that no single product will fork you – and no single product will work for everyone on the planet.

This means that in any case, whether you are dealing with Nara Hair Oil or any product or service online, you need to check if a claim sounds too good to be true. If it does, then you need to exercise a lot of caution. When a product starts promising that you can get great hair in a single month (when it normally takes weeks to grow and mature) then you will need to start thinking twice about believing the product's claims. It does not mean that the product will not work; it only means that it may not work as fast as it claims, or as well as it claims within the allotted amount of time.

Some reviews have shown that Nara not only made hair grow well, but took away dandruff and psoriasis, taken away scalp itching, and even stopped hair loss. However, some reviews were not as enthusiastic, and some users said that Nara Hair Oil made no difference in how their hair appeared. This can mean only one thing: sometimes it works, and sometimes it does not, and if you do try it, do not expect a miracle cure. Moreover, if you start experiencing itching or infections, then you may want to stop using Nara Hair Oil.

Before trying Nara Hair Oil, you may want to talk to your doctor about using it. There may be components in it that should not be used with some medications, or if you have any under conditions.

Several Causes of Hair Damage News

Your hair breaks and falls out? What should you do to overcome this problem? Buy the drug may be the choice you think most appropriate. But, this is an alternative choice for natural hair growth. We do not think that drugs are not recommended for our hair. Probably it will not cause any side effects if we only use it once or twice. But when we use it every day, probably would cause very bad effects to our bodies. We could lose our hair because the chemicals in the drug inhibit the growth of hair cells in someday. The only way is to study the causes of hair loss. So, we do not need to use the chemicals on our hair and prefers natural hair growth as the best way.

As we already know, the normal hair is shiny and strong hair. If we have a hair like this, it means that our hair cells are still working well. However, when suddenly our hair starts to dull and falling, it means there is something wrong in our hair growth cells. If this happens we do not need to worry. We still have a natural hair growth. But, maybe there are some errors in our hair cells. This can be caused by many things. Start from within our bodies or the other factors outside our body, such as weather or our habits. Weather factor, because our hair is not accustomed to the weather that is too cold or too hot! And then, our habits also affect hair growth. When we use to maintain the cleanliness, the damage to our hair will not happen.

The factors from within our bodies that often cause damage and loss hair are depression and stress. Usually people who have think too much and lack of recreation will experience a hair loss. It caused by the blockage of cells in the brain. Therefore, it is recommended to us who like to think hard to use our spare time to entertain ourselves. Like going camping in the outdoors and watch any things that can make us funny. Because depression can cause the brain fatigue! Then, in addition to depression, hair damage is also caused by the immune system that is decreed after the influence or a severe illness. Because when we are sick, the virus will automatically breed freely. Just like a shield, when we are sick then the shield will be weakened! So, the virus can inhibit the growth of cells in our bodies.

Besides that, the influence of drugs and antibiotics that we drink can also cause hair damage. Therefore, we must think about natural hair growth in the use of a drug. We certainly do not want the drugs that we drink will cause fatal side effects in us. We must accustom ourselves to stay away from drugs and chemicals in eliminating the disease. Use the drugs as a last resort when all natural ingredients do not work to cure ourselves. Because after all, the material that has been provided by the nature must have been created for all our needs!