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Every woman has dreamed of healthy hair at some point of their lives. Some women have them naturally healthy and they have never had such problems like too frizy or dry or oily hair. Most women need to make an effort to get their hair perfectly balanced, beautiful and shiny.

Here are some tips to get them more healthy:

First of all – you need to wash them correctly. One may ask – how is it even possible to wash them incorrectly? To be honest, most people do not even know how hair needs to be washed.

It is important to choose the shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. When washing, you only need a half tea-spoon of shampoo for washing. Always wash twice – first time opens some pores and second time actually washes. You can see that the second time you apply shampoo, it is much more foamy.

Then you need to use conditioner. The reason you need to use it, is that shampoo opens your hair pores, but they also need to be closed and that's what the conditioner is for. It also gives nutrients that they need. Before applying it to your hair, towel dry them. Otherwise the conditioner flows off with water and it is no use at all. Normally, it is said on the bottle how long you need to keep this conditioner on your head.

One important tip is that shampoo is for roots and conditioner is for tips. It means that you only need to apply shampoo on roots, because tips will be washed by soapy water that flows off them. This avoids extra dry hair tips.

An extra bonus for your hair would be masks. Your hair need extra nutrients and moisturizing about twice a week. Pick the right mask and hold it on your hair from 30 minutes to an hour if not said otherwise. You can also use special oils for hair tips to prevent breakage and frizzy tips.

Secondly, one of the most important things for healthy hair is healthy diet. You need to be hydrated for your hair to be hydrated and also eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to get enough vitamins for hair.

Thirdly, hair need to be handled correctly. Do not break them while being too harsh with the comb. Hair needs to be brushed gently. In addition to that, try to avoid any devices that use hot air. That includes hair dryers, hair straighteners and so on.

Needless to say that dyeing hair is also harmful for them. To maintain your hair completely healthy, be happy with your natural hair color. All these chemical compounds in hair dyes damage your hair cells severely.

When you have really frizzy and damaged hair, try to follow all these tips for at least a while to get your hair a lot healthier. Keep in mind – healthy hair need lots of care!

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