What’s the Average Speed of Male Ejaculation? News

When a man is ready to ejaculate his body will undergo a series of events.

He will see an increase in the size of the head of the penis and the head may also change to a purplish color. His Cowper’s gland will secrete ‘pre-cum’ fluid which dribbles out of his urethra. His testes will move in towards his body, and increase in size. As well, he may experience a body flush, muscle tension, increase in heart rate and rising blood pressure.

Just before ejaculation he will feel contractions in his vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and the prostate, causing seminal fluid (ejaculate) to collect in a pool at the base of his penis. He will feel a ‘tickling’ type sensation. When ready to ejaculate, he will feel a “throbbing” around his urethra.

Ejaculate will leave his penis at roughly the same rate of travel as a city bus, about 28 miles per hour. But can reach speeds of 43 miles per hour depending how long since the last time he came. (It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!!)

Once he has ejaculated, his scrotum and testes will return to normal their size. He will have a general feeling of relaxation and experience a refractory period (where a he is physically incapable of getting another erection). This period may be from a few minutes to much longer depending on his age.

Sex Tip: Unless he is at the point of no return, you can stop him from ejaculating by firmly (yet very gently) squeezing on the tip of the penis.

After Your Hair Sheds Or Falls Out, How Long Does it Take it to Start Growing Back? News

I’m asked this question quite a bit. After going through the trauma of seeing shedding hair all over your clothing and home, many people are more than ready to begin regrowing their hair and to have this process finished and over. People want to know when they should starting looking for small signs of regrowth. Many people will look, see nothing, and worry that their hair just isn’t going to grow back. Knowing the correct time frame will help you to determine if everything is happening as it should. I will discuss this more in the following article.

Typical Hair Regrowth Rates: Sometimes people confess to me that they think hair that has shed out or been involved with telogen effluvium (TE) regrows differently than hair that comes out as part of a normal follicle cycle. This really isn’t entirely accurate. Once a hair comes out of the follicle, it generally then reverts back to the growing phrase (so long as there is not some autoimmune or androgen mechanism taking place as in disorders like alopecia areata or AGA where the follicle is being attacked or compromised.) So, once the shaft is forced out of your scalp and falls out, then the follicle will begin it’s regrowth phase and this process happens quite rapidly.

However, what’s not so rapid or fast is human hair regrowth rates. For most people, this is about 1/2 a millimeter per day so that over a month’s time, you’re looking at about 1/2 inch or regrowth. A good rule of thumb is that most people should start seeing decent levels of regrowth at around 2 – 3 months after the worst shedding took place. Some people see this earlier and some see this later, but 1/2 inch per month is considered typical or average.

If you’re not seeing any new hairs coming in, try spraying some dry shampoo right at the top of your head by the part line (or any other area where you’ve been particularly hard hit.) This will coat your strands and should make those new regrowth strands that are just coming in stand out from the rest. Yes, these hairs will be quite short, but if you give them a little time, eventually they will begin to fill in and to give you some volume. In about six months to a year, your hair should resume a normal appearance.

Another thing to try to see the new hairs is to pull your hair straight back or to comb it forward or against the grain. This will make those new little hairs stand up where you should be able to see them. So what happens if you’re not seeing anything? You may have somewhat slower grow rates. Recheck every week. Hopefully, in the next few weeks you should begin to see some little sprouts coming in. If you don’t, you may want to consider that perhaps your hair loss was caused by something other than TE or common shedding.

Because in TE or seasonal shedding, the follicle is just being reset into the shedding phrase, but nothing has happened to damage it. There are other causes of hair loss (like androgenic alopecia or AGA) that will compromise regrowth. Another potential indication that something else might be going on is seeing miniaturized or very fine or flyaway regrowth that is coming in, but not really providing any volume or coverage.

Hairstyle Ideas For Medium Hair – Tips to Choose the Most Flattering Medium Hairstyles News

Hairstyle ideas for medium hair include varieties of sleek cuts and styles. Medium hairdos look contemporary and hip. It is equally important to know your face shape for choosing the most flattering hairstyle. You should also do a bit of research before jumping into any conclusion. Some of the most wanted hairdos for medium tresses are bangs, sleek, curly, bob and straight cuts.

Tips To Choose The Most Flattering Medium Hairstyles

* It is usually a difficult task to choose from a variety of medium length hairstyles. One of the best and everlasting hairdos in this category is clearly the classic bob. You can anytime choose this design for enhancing and transforming your appearance with flamboyance. It's the only style that suits every face type. It also softens your key areas like forehead, chin and jaw line.

* Curly hairdos epitomizes romance. You can flaunt super tight curls for wooing your partner. It's touted to be the sexiest hairstyle. Try to add drama to your look by blending colors to your tresses.

* Layered hairstyles can also be a good option for accentuating your features. However, you should preferably know the texture and condition of your locks before choosing this cut. This hairdo needs high maintenance.

* Formal hairstyles can be the safest and the most stylish options for keeping your look subtle yet glamorous. You can try out updos and bangs.

You should also consult a hairdresser or search for a hair makeover tool online for discovering the most flattering medium styles for your face. You can also go through various fashion magazines for knowing the latest celebrity trends.

10 Ways to Get Perfect Wedding Hair News

There isn’t a female alive that hasn’t had a bad hair day or worse a bad hair cut or style.

That’s why, when the special day rolls around, it’s extremely important to have all the wedding hair well set up and prepared months in advance to ensure that there aren’t any last minute problems that could derail the entire celebration.

It’s a good thing, then, that so many women have experienced such incredible joy and or sadness with regards to this topic that there is an overwhelming amount of firsthand accounts that offer very specific guidelines to keep a bride away from potential hair disasters.

The first thing to remember is to choose a hairstyle well in advance of picking the veil or headpiece.

That will keep a bride from having a style that looks fabulous without the added extras, and then not so good when the tiara is finally wrestled into place.

The accessories and the hair have to work together to form a cohesive look, and one absolutely will not work without the benefit of the other.

Next up you need to visit your selected stylist at least six months in advance of the wedding day.

The longer the bride and the stylist have to work together without the stress of the special day bearing down on them, the more likely they are to come up with a truly original style that the bride will love. This will be in part because there will be time to make mistakes, and recover from them.

The third thing to consider when dealing with wedding hair is to choose more than one look to have the stylist work with so that there are more options to come up with something spectacular, as opposed to the stylist having one hairdo to work with and if it starts to have any problems, there will be nowhere to go with it.

If your reception, or any part of it, is going to be held outside, you will need to make sure your wedding hair takes this into account and that you choose a style that’s a bit more robust.

Hair that will last hours on end may not react the same when the elements get involved and the last thing a new bride wants is for her hair to fall flat or be blown askew right in the middle of one of the most important days of her life.

Be sure to keep the hairstyle, the dress, and the overall theme in sync when contemplating a particular look.

If the wedding is traditional in style and the dress mirrors this distinction, it would not be appropriate to have a whimsical messy bun as it would look out of place with the rest of the plans.

The same can be said if a bride has chosen a beach wedding with a low key dress, and then decides to ask the stylist to give her a tight updo that looks like it belongs in a ballroom far far away.

It’s always worth spending a bit of money in advance so that you get a strong cut that compliments your features because it will mean that your hair will need far less styling when your big day finally arrives.

Saving money by not going this route will only end up sacrificing the ability to have the hair as perfect as it otherwise would have been.

Make sure you wear a button down shirt when getting the hair done before the big occasion. It is ironic that something so simple could make or break a smooth transition for flawless wedding hair, but it is one hundred percent accurate.

If the hair is ready to go and is exactly as it should be, pulling a shirt up and over the head can pull pins out, cause hair to frizz, and curls to loosen.

If a bride is going to remove her veil, tiara, or wedding jewelry after the ceremony, plan ahead of time to make adjustments to the style so that when the accessory is removed, the second half of the day and evening isn’t spent with a lovely hairdo that becomes a disaster.

Last but not least, bring the veil, tiara, or hair jewelry to the hairdresser from the very beginning.

It is important that the hair and the things that will go in it are all at the same place at the same time in order ensure that the styles will be a strong mixture of the image that’s desired.

Hair styles can change in an instant due to the invention of clip on extensions and the like, but if a bride wants to have truly unforgettable wedding hair, she will heed the advice of those that came before her, and use their knowledge to assure success.

Formal Updo Hairstyles News

Special occasions such as weddings, business parties and certain social functions require that you sow up with a formal hairstyle. Updo hairstyles are always acceptable in formal settings. Brushing your hair to the back or piling it neatly on top of your head, gives your neck an elongated look, and focuses attention to your shoulders. Updo hairstyles also make it possible for you to bring attention to your earrings and necklace. To sum it all up, the updo hairstyle lets you show off your beauty. Variations of the classic formal updo hairstyle are:


Bangs help when you want to hide blemishes, scars or slight imperfections such as a high forehead. Adding bangs to your updo hairstyle requires just one easy step. You can simply have part of your hair slant across the forehead or create a bang by pulling a section of your hair over your forehead and clipping it to make an even bang across your forehead.

Curly Updos

Formal curly updo hairstyles can sometimes be a little tricky, but well well worth the extra time and effort. The perfect formal curly formal updo requires you to curl all of your hair before pinning it up. The look is excellent for women with naturally curly or wavy hair. Setting off your curly updo with appropriate barrettes, combs or other forms of jewelry adds drama to your look. Be careful, however, not to over do the hair accessories. Make sure that whatever you put in your hair does not detract from your overall look or clash with your necklace and earrings.

Half Updos

The hairstyles that have become known as half updos are an acceptable compromise for hair worn that is worn down and up at the same time. Rather than completely revealing the face with a traditional updo, the half updo is for some a more appropriate hairstyle. The half updo has beenported by many famous people as they walk the red carpet on the way to receiving an award for their work in television, music or film; attend a movie premier; or take in a play on Broadway. These celebrities include people like actress Nicole Kidman and fashion designer Donna Karan. Half updos can easily be adapted to conform to every type of face. They are most appropriate for the woman who is convinced that wearing an updo would make her look too harsh or overly formal. Half updos have a way of lightening mood, which is why some people like to call it a semi-formal hairstyle. Half updo options are plentiful. Some ideas for half updo hairstyles include:

• Tie your hair just below the crown of your head. You may also use a plastic hair band that closes to form a circle or an elastic hair band. Doing this will allow your curled shoulder length hair to cascade down around your face and down the nape of your neck.
• Swept your bangs to the side and let your hair fall to frame your face naturally. Pin your hair down below the crown just enough to allow a few tendrils of hair to fall loosely down your back.
• Tie or band your at the top of the crown of your head and allow your hair to fall loosely down your back

Soft and Seductive Formal Updo Hairstyles

Angelina Jolie is a perfect example for women with faces that are oblong, heart-shaped, square, diamond or oval shaped. Soft and seductive formal updo hairstyles add height and volume to any woman. To add drama to the soft and seductive formal updo, allow a few tendrils of hair to remain loose, complimenting the wearer's face and showing off her jewelry. Follow these easy steps to achieve the perfect soft and seductive formal hairstyle for yourself:

• Wash and condition your hair;
• Use you fingers to spread mousse through your hair;
• Add volume by teasing your hair at the crown of your head with a small round brush;
• Once your hair is dry create waves all around your head with a large barreled curling iron;
• Pin your hair up starting on the sides and ending at the back of the crown;
• Allow a few tendrils of hair to hang loose and frame the face;
• Apply a generous amount of your favorite holding hair spray.