10 Ways to Get Perfect Wedding Hair News

There isn’t a female alive that hasn’t had a bad hair day or worse a bad hair cut or style.

That’s why, when the special day rolls around, it’s extremely important to have all the wedding hair well set up and prepared months in advance to ensure that there aren’t any last minute problems that could derail the entire celebration.

It’s a good thing, then, that so many women have experienced such incredible joy and or sadness with regards to this topic that there is an overwhelming amount of firsthand accounts that offer very specific guidelines to keep a bride away from potential hair disasters.

The first thing to remember is to choose a hairstyle well in advance of picking the veil or headpiece.

That will keep a bride from having a style that looks fabulous without the added extras, and then not so good when the tiara is finally wrestled into place.

The accessories and the hair have to work together to form a cohesive look, and one absolutely will not work without the benefit of the other.

Next up you need to visit your selected stylist at least six months in advance of the wedding day.

The longer the bride and the stylist have to work together without the stress of the special day bearing down on them, the more likely they are to come up with a truly original style that the bride will love. This will be in part because there will be time to make mistakes, and recover from them.

The third thing to consider when dealing with wedding hair is to choose more than one look to have the stylist work with so that there are more options to come up with something spectacular, as opposed to the stylist having one hairdo to work with and if it starts to have any problems, there will be nowhere to go with it.

If your reception, or any part of it, is going to be held outside, you will need to make sure your wedding hair takes this into account and that you choose a style that’s a bit more robust.

Hair that will last hours on end may not react the same when the elements get involved and the last thing a new bride wants is for her hair to fall flat or be blown askew right in the middle of one of the most important days of her life.

Be sure to keep the hairstyle, the dress, and the overall theme in sync when contemplating a particular look.

If the wedding is traditional in style and the dress mirrors this distinction, it would not be appropriate to have a whimsical messy bun as it would look out of place with the rest of the plans.

The same can be said if a bride has chosen a beach wedding with a low key dress, and then decides to ask the stylist to give her a tight updo that looks like it belongs in a ballroom far far away.

It’s always worth spending a bit of money in advance so that you get a strong cut that compliments your features because it will mean that your hair will need far less styling when your big day finally arrives.

Saving money by not going this route will only end up sacrificing the ability to have the hair as perfect as it otherwise would have been.

Make sure you wear a button down shirt when getting the hair done before the big occasion. It is ironic that something so simple could make or break a smooth transition for flawless wedding hair, but it is one hundred percent accurate.

If the hair is ready to go and is exactly as it should be, pulling a shirt up and over the head can pull pins out, cause hair to frizz, and curls to loosen.

If a bride is going to remove her veil, tiara, or wedding jewelry after the ceremony, plan ahead of time to make adjustments to the style so that when the accessory is removed, the second half of the day and evening isn’t spent with a lovely hairdo that becomes a disaster.

Last but not least, bring the veil, tiara, or hair jewelry to the hairdresser from the very beginning.

It is important that the hair and the things that will go in it are all at the same place at the same time in order ensure that the styles will be a strong mixture of the image that’s desired.

Hair styles can change in an instant due to the invention of clip on extensions and the like, but if a bride wants to have truly unforgettable wedding hair, she will heed the advice of those that came before her, and use their knowledge to assure success.

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